Teen Summer

Teen Summer Reading Game
July 3 - August 18, 2017

Literacy: Track the number of books, manga, graphic novels, magazines, audiobooks ... that you read.
Sports: Walking, running, volleyball, skateboarding … track the number of steps that you take.
Enter to win weekly PRIZES and a grand PRIZE: Check
Tell your parents that you‘ve had a productive summer: Check

To register for the Teen Summer Reading Game CLICK HERE.

FAQ about the Teen Summer Reading Game:

  • Starting June 29 participants can pick up their reading logs
  • You can hand in ballots either on line or at the library
  • For each book that they read they will fill in a ballot

1 book = 1 ballot
1 audiobook = 1 ballot
5 magazines = 1 book = 1 ballot
5 newspapers = 1 book = 1 ballot
5 short comics (e.g. Archie) = 1 book = 1 ballot
Graphic novel or manga = 1 ballot

For each 10,000 steps you take fill in one ballot

CLICK HERE to enter your online BALLOTS or stop by the library to fill some out! Good Luck!