Late Fees – Changes Effective January 1st, 2022

Leduc Public Library will no longer be charging late fees on items returned late! 

Our Library Board wanted to remove the barrier to make sure that everyone can use the library.  Don’t forget, we strongly encourage everyone to still bring their items back on time, so they are available for other patrons!  And if you have any other fees on your card owing more than $10, you will not be able to access our services or take more items out.

What happens if I do not return my item on time?

When the item is overdue, a notice will be emailed or mailed to you reminding you that an item is now late, and you need to bring it back quickly! If the item is not returned after 28 days, you will be automatically billed for the replacement cost.

These notices are a courtesy, we cannot control the internet for email or postal mail delivery.  When you leave the library, you can choose to have a slip with your due dates printed. It is still your responsibility to bring items back on time!

Does the removal of late fees mean that any late fees currently on accounts will be wiped out?

Yes!  If you have an older late fee, we will be able to waive it from your account.  Please note this is only for late fees from the Leduc Public Library not replacement fees, damaged fees or fees you may have gotten when visiting another TRAC Library.

If you have fees on your account from another TRAC library, you will need to contact them to discuss.  If the fees are more than $10, you will not be able to take more items out from our library.

What is a replacement fee?

If you do not return an item, after 28 days a replacement fee will be charged to your account.  This fee is the cost the library paid when the item was purchased.

If the item belongs to another TRAC Library (i.e. It was brought from another library and you picked it up as a hold), the owning library will bill our library for the item.  Once our library pays the other library back, we will not be able to remove this replacement fee and you will have to pay it in full. 

Can I still use my library card if there is a replacement cost on it?

If you owe more than $10 on your library card for a replacement fee, damaged item fee, or fees from another TRAC library, you will not be able to take more items out in Leduc or use our public internet stations!  So please bring your items back in a timely manner.