A due date slip can be provided at the time of borrowing. Please take notice of the dates that your items are due so that you may renew or return items in time to avoid late or lost fees. 

Please note:  Email and mail notices are a courtesy only.  We are unable to guarantee that notices will always get through to your email provider or home address but you are still responsible for returning items on or before the due date!

Late fees are $.25 a day on print items and $1 a day on audio and visual items. Fines accumulate to a maximum of $10 per item. 

First notice will be sent 7 days after an item is due. A second notice is sent 21 days after the due date. A final billing notice will be sent at 35 days and at this time the lost price will be added to the borrowers account.

The charge for a lost item is the price of the item at the time it was purchased. The library cannot accept replacements bought by patrons.

We will only refund money for an item recovered within three months of payment and only if it is material owned by Leduc Public Library.  If the items was brought in for you from another library refunds cannot be given.

All payments must be paid half an hour before closing.