Adult and Teen

Registration for adult and teen summer learning activities begins June 21, 2021!

Summer Learning Challenge BINGO!  Registered
Bring on the challenge!  

Reading and staying active this summer will be a breeze with the Library’s teen and adult summer game! 

Going back to the classics, our BINGO card will give you an all-new reading list and challenge you to a set of fun activities.

Do you like winning prizes? For each challenge completed enter your name and contact information on our website for a chance to win a weekly prize and our end of summer grand prize. 

If you complete 5 challenges in a row, not only do you get to shout “BINGO!” but you also get an extra chance to win! 

BINGO cards can be picked up from the library, starting June 21, or printed from our website.

  1. CLICK HERE to register (if you already registered skip this step and go to step 2).
  2. CLICK HERE to tell us how many challenges you completed. Remember, if you finish a whole row of challenges you get an extra ballot and make sure to count your "Free Space" box as completed!!

To print a teen BINGO card CLICK HERE.
To print an adult BINGO card CLICK HERE.

July 5 - August 20

Summer Kits for Teens and Adults

Games, games there are so many games! Register early to ensure you receive our 3 Adult and Teen Summer Kits! Registration for each kit will close the Thursday before the program pick up date. 

After 2 weeks, unclaimed kits will be made available to other members of the community.

Shake, Rattle and Roll Registered
Dice games are incredibly fun, simple to learn and great for all ages!! Kits include five dice, writing pad, pencil and instructions for games to keep you entertained all summer long!

To register for Shake, Rattle and Roll CLICK HERE.

Pick up Dates
July 5 - 16

Extreme Card Playing Registered
Playing card games is not just oodles of fun, it is great for stress reduction, friendly competition, sharpening your thinking skills, and boosting your memory. Register for your kit and get a free pack of playing cards and learn games (and a magic trick!) that can be played solo, or as a group.

To register for Extreme Card Playing CLICK HERE.

Pick up Dates
July 19-30

Brain Training! Registered
Not only is it important to keep our bodies active, we must also work at keeping our brain and memory in tip-top shape! This kit will provide you with brain training games and activities to help you stay mentally fit!

To register for Brain Training! CLICK HERE.

Pick up Dates
August 9 - 20

Adult Facebook Book Club - Leduc Public Library
Share your thoughts and questions about the books you are reading in Leduc Public Library’s Facebook Book Club.

Post about books you have read and make some conversation starters for the group. Members are invited to share their responses and add questions of their own. People can keep adding thoughts and opinions to the posts at anytime.

To join the Facebook Book Club:
1. Log into your Facebook account.
2. In the search bar type the following exactly: Facebook Book Club - Leduc Public Library
3. Open the Facebook Book Club - Leduc Public Library page.
4. Click the “Join” button.
5. The library will accept your request as soon as we are able.

If you have any difficulties or questions on how to join please email or call