Pre-Summer Learning Challenge Kick Off celebration June 21 – July 2
Drop in to get started with our special sign-up kit, get more info and take part in many fun activities. You can register early for our Summer Learning Challenge. If you are not able to join us for the kick-off, you can still play all summer long.

Hide and Seek Mascots Drop-in
Our mascots, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi want to play hide-and-seek with you all summer long. Find them and read to them for weekly prizes. They will be changing their hiding spot every Monday.

Date  Time Ages
June 21 - August 20  Library hours  2-12 

Scavenger Hunt Drop-in
Join us for an adventure with a different scavenger hunt every week and win weekly prizes.

Date  Time Ages
July 5 - August 20  Library hours  2-17 

Summer Activities July 5 to August 20

Registration for programs begins June 21, 2021

Library Summer Reading Challenge Registered
Explore the fun of reading your way. Read anytime, anywhere, and anything - books, magazines, websites, graphic novels, anime, manga, comics, or listen to recorded books. Keep track in your reading log of how many days you have read this summer and earn ballots for every day you spend reading. More ballots give you more chances to win our awesome weekly and grand prizes. Visit the library to check out our GREAT prizes!

How to play:

  1. CLICK HERE to register (if you already registered skip this step and go to step 2).
  2. CLICK HERE to tell us how many days you have spent time with literacy activities!

To print off your English TD Summer Learning Challenge log book CLICK HERE.
To print off your French TD Summer Learning Challenge log book CLICK HERE.

Date Ages
July 5 - August 20

PLAYFUL Summer Learning Challenge Kits Registered

Our summer kits are a delight and a treat to spark imagination in every child. They are packed to the very brim with amazing projects to discover, build, colour and design! The number of kits is limited, so make sure to sign up and get yours before they’re gone. 

Registration includes all kits. After 2 weeks, each unclaimed kit will be made available to other members of the community.

To register for the PLAYFUL Summer Learning Challenge Kits CLICK HERE.

Pick up Dates  Theme Ages
July 5 - 10  Ready, Set, Go! Game on!   5 - 12
July 12 - 17  Make Believe Play 5 - 12 
July 19 - 24  Tabletop Play  5 - 12
July 26 - 31  The Great Outdoors  5 - 12 
August 2 - 7   Solo 5 - 12 
August 9 - 14  Stronger Together  5 - 12
August 16 - 20   Press Play to Continue 5 - 12 

TD Summer Reading Club
We partnered up with TD Summer Reading Club for extra self-directed fun! Sign-up online for young readers to enjoy various activities such as
  • Create an online notebook
  • Read ebooks
  • Vote in Battle of the Books
  • Participate in weekly trivia
  • Write stories
  • Read & write jokes
  • Author/Illustrator workshops
  • Comics
  • Find the perfect book

This program is bilingual and accessible to all learning abilities. It’s too easy! Just visit

Date  Ages
Online launch date: June 15  5 - 12