Get Outside and Play Packs

Borrow a Get Outside and Play Pack full of games and activities to get everybody enjoying the outdoors!

June is Parks and Recreation Month, so we are encouraging Leduc residents of all ages to take a break from technology and spend some time outside enjoying Leduc's beautiful parks and other amazing outdoor facilities. Provided for you by The Leduc Recreation Centre and The Leduc Public Library.

Get Outside and Play Packs can only be borrowed at Leduc Public Library. To place a hold and check for availability, call, or email library staff at 780-986-2637 or

All packs and contents are listed below.

Disc Golf Pack
•Disc Golf instruction sheet with score card
•Dry erase markers
•Map of course location
Flower Pack
•Flower activities
•Wildflower explorer Book
•Flower Match Games instruction sheet
•Containers of Play Dough
•Bags of Flower Game Cards
Night Sky Pack
•Night sky ultimate explorer guide
•Moon activity folder
•Dry erase markers
•Connect the dots constellation sheets
•Pipe cleaner constellations sheet
•Bag with 10 pipe cleaners and star beads
Birds Pack
•Explorer bird book
•2 pairs of binoculars
•Bird photo sheet
Trees Pack
•Explorer tree book
•Magnifying Glass
•Common Alberta tree sheet
Outdoor Play Pack
•2 Badminton rackets and birdie
•2 ball rackets and red ball
•2 ribbon sticks
•2 Velcro rackets and tennis ball
Bean Bag Toss
•2 bean bag toss boards
•4 red bean bags
•4 yellow bean bags
Yardzee Pack
•Dry Erase marker
•Clipboard with tracker sheets
•5 colourful dice
Sports Pack
•Ball pump
•2 scoops
•Ball with holes
•Small ball
Nature Pack
•Nature scavenger hunt / guide
•Leduc Multiway map
•Magnifying map

Insects Pack
•Dry Erase marker
•Explorers insect book
•Insect cage
•Tweezers and Net
•Magnifying glass
Ladder Golf Pack
•Assembly instructions (with parts list)
Chalk Pack
•5 chalk games / activity sheets
•Bucket of chalk

Need some help deciding which pack is for you? Here are some suggested categories, but remember, anyone can borrow any and all packs!!

Families  Kids Youth Adult Seniors
Flower Pack
Night Sky Pack  Disc Golf Pack  Disc Golf Pack  Disc Golf Pack 
Night Sky Pack
Bird Pack  Outdoor Play Pack Bean Bag Toss  Birds Pack 
Outdoor Play Pack  Outdoor Play Pack  Bean Bag toss  Yardzee Pack  Bean Bag Toss
Nature Pack
Bean Bag Toss  Yardzee Pack Sports Pack  Ladder Golf Pack 
Insects Pack Sports Pack  Sports Pack  Ladder Golf Pack   
Chalk Pack  Chalk  Ladder Golf Pack