Read off Your Late Fees

Oh no, did you forget to bring that children’s book or movie back in time?!?

From March 1st to May 31st, 2019 children, ages baby up to 17 years old, can come in to the library to read off their late fees!
Just pop in to the Information Desk and let staff know you are here to read off your late fees. They will write down your name and the barcode number of the card that has the late fees on it. Next, go find a comfy place and start reading either by yourself
or with your caregiver’s help and when you are done, go back to the Information desk and let the staff know how long you have read. For every 5 minutes of reading, library staff will waive 25 cents off your overall total late fee!

• Late fees that can be waived are only for Easy books and movies, 
Junior books, audiobooks, and movies and Young Adult (Teen) books
• Fees can be on the child’s card or their parent or caregiver’s card
• This will only apply to late fees not lost or damaged fees
• 5 minutes of reading in the library will equal 25 cents!