June 21 - August 29

Children Under 5 & Families

Any exposure to literature is beneficial to foster a life-long love of reading. Whether anyone reads to your child or if your little one sits and flips through a book looking at the pictures, it’s all good. Reading every day is the single most important way to help a child succeed in reading and writing. Children thrive on routine, so it will help to set aside the same special time for reading each day. There is no downside and we will help you track each day.

Reading Logbook - Whether children read or are read to – All Reading Counts! Reach goals and gain ballots to win weekly and grand prizes.

  • CLICK HERE to print your Reading Logbook
  • To submit your entries for the Reading Logbook CLICK HERE

Activity Card - Let your little one lead the way as you explore and discover as a family. Play all summer long to win prizes!

Did you know a few of the benefits for reading at all ages are;

  • stimulating your brain
  • gaining new vocabulary & knowledge
  • stress reduction
  • memory improvement
  • improved thinking & writing skills

It is summer, and we want you and your family to focus on the fun of reading! Choose books you want to read. Sit back, relax and enjoy the inner peace and tranquility of travelling to faraway places without leaving your home

The Leduc Public Library has always supported all ages in their effort to move forward and foster a love of learning and literacy. This year, we will be doing things a little differently to accommodate social distancing.

Don’t be down because you won’t be able to do much travelling this summer. Snuggle up with a good book and you can take a trip anywhere you want to go. Borrowing books from your library gives you a ginormous variety of exciting reads and keeps your trips totally free. Have an awesome summer completing the challenges and winning prizes. Gain ballots for reaching goals and submit by phone or online.

Check the library guide, our website or ask us for dates and more details and we will do our best to update you as information unfolds. Listed below are what we have planned to keep you learning and reward you over the summer of 2020.

And so your adventure begins...