LRC Passes

Did you know we lend out passes to the LRC?

It is true!  The idea behind our partnership with the Leduc Recreation Centre (LRC) is that we can offer adult and kid’s passes for 1 week to our residents.  This will give you access to the LRC to sample what our recreation center has!

Q & A

1. How often can I/my family take out the passes?

A: The LRC passes are very popular and are a resource for our whole community.  We ask that you only inquire at the front desk once every 6-8 weeks to borrow the passes once you have returned them before asking to take them out again.  This will give others in our community a chance to try out the LRC too.

2. How long can I check out the passes for and can I renew the pass like I would a book?

A: Since the LRC passes are so popular we have made them a one-week loan.  We also have the renewals turned off so that the passes can be lent out to more members of the community.

3. Can I place a hold on the LRC passes on TRACpac?

A: Currently, we are not allowing our patrons to place holds on the passes.  When an item is on hold for a resident, they have 10 working days to pick the item up.  So, if we allow holds on the passes, they can be sitting for up to 10 days waiting to be picked up!  We know the passes are popular and we really want to get them into people’s hands as soon as possible.

4. What happens if I return the pass late…or don’t return it at all?

A: We do not charge late fees on the pass.  However, after the passes have been late for a couple of weeks, we will either be telephoning you or emailing you.  If you have the pass, and it goes to “lost” on your account (after 28 days) we will be cancelling the LRC pass so it won’t work anymore.  A Lost Fee will also be added to your account and this is non-refundable.

5. I really love the pass, why can’t I take it out week after week?

A: We know you do!  We love the LRC too!  But the idea behind the passes is that you SAMPLE the LRC…and when you decide it is the recreation facility for you, you contact the LRC to find out how you can get your very own pass.  We have an honour system in place for waiting between asking for the passes again.  If the library feels you have used the passes beyond what they are intended for, we may choose to place a block on your account for a short time, giving others the chance to use the passes too.  Remember these passes are for you to try the LRC out, if you wish to be a member you will need to inquire with them about getting your very own pass.

6. What can I use this pass for?

A:  The pass will let you into the areas and activities of the LRC that a regular LRC membership will.  Please note:  they have special activities and classes that have a cost associated with them.  Our library pass will not get you in there!

For questions about the Leduc Recreation Centre please call them at 780-980-7120 or check out their page on the City of Leduc website: