Room Rentals/Quiet Study

General Information

CLICK HERE for a copy of our Room Rental Brochure.

Leduc Public Library is excited to make available three public rooms for use on a rental basis.

  • Our rental rooms allow for various group sizes and offer white boards, chairs and tables.
  • Library equipment, such as a projector, screen, Smartboard, overhead projector or television is available upon availability. If groups need instruction on how to set up equipment, they must schedule this ahead of time. The library cannot guarantee that staff in the building the day of the room booking will be able to assist with equipment.
  • Groups using the room are responsible for their own set up and clean up.
  • Payment must be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit cards and be paid for when the group arrives for it’s booking. The library would appreciate 48 hour notice if a group must cancel their booking.

Quiet Study

We are also offering our Friends of Leduc Public Library Meeting Room and the Karl Martin Meeting Room for Quiet/Shared Study Space for Students, free of charge!

Want to book a quiet study space? Stop by the Information Desk for availability, send a request in online or call 780-986-2637 to book, no more than 2 days before you require the space.

The space is not booked until you have confirmation from staff either by phone or email.

Quiet/Shared Study Space can not be used for tutoring, business activities or groups.

The Alexandra Program Room (A and B)

The Alexandra Program Room can be utilized as one large room or split into two smaller separate rooms. Please note, some sound may carry over if both rooms are being utilized.

Room Capacity

When the partition is open, the Alexandra Program Room is able to hold 70 people. When the partition is closed, Room A can have 20 people while room B can hold up to 50.

Room A contains 20 chairs and 4 tables while Room B has 6 tables and 50 chairs. If used as one room the group has access to all of the chairs and tables.
Room A contains a white board while Room B has a white board and Smartboard.

1. Alexandra Room A and B - $45.00 per hour
2. Alexandra Room A - $15.00 per hour
3. Alexandra Room B - $30.00 per hour

Friends of the Leduc Public Library Meeting Room

With a maximum capacity of 15 people, the Friends of the Leduc Public Library Room contains a boardroom style table, whiteboard and pull  down projector screen.

Fees: $15.00 per hour

The Karl Martin Meeting Room

The Karl Martin Meeting Room has the capacity to hold 15 people.  With a whiteboard, large windows and a view of the lake and park  this is an ideal spot for meetings.

Fees: $15.00 per hour 

Library Environment

As the Leduc Public Library holds many programs for all ages, groups should be aware that each room may be decorated for library events. The library asks that these decorations do not be disturbed.
Supplies such as coffee, coffee makers and office supplies are not supplied by the library, although, groups are welcome to bring their own. Groups with regular weekly or monthly bookings will not be able to store items in the library.
Priority Booking
The library reserves the right to book program rooms for its own use first, followed by partner organizations.  Local non-profit and social agencies, as well as educational institutions, are followed by training use for businesses and other groups that do not fit the above criteria.
At this time, we do not allow private functions, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions and showers.
To book a room please contact Carla, Holly, Kerry, Kristi or Linda at 780-986-2637. 
For more information or if you have any questions, please call our Library Director, Carla Frybort at 780-986-2637 ext. 203 or email Carla at